On a sunny, summer day in Commerce, Ga at the beautiful White Fox Cottage...

I showed up to Makensy and Zach's wedding in Commerce and met the same sweet, chill bride that I had met months back at their engagement session. She was so sweet to me when I arrived! Their details were up first and, oh man, I love details photos. I had some fun playing with her veil in these. Using the veil is one of my favorite things to do in details photos, and Makensy's veil DID NOT disappoint. In the extra time, it was time for room decor shots and my jaw dropped when I saw how cute her multi colored taper candles looked. Literally. Being the cutie bride that Makensy is, she had the CUTEST getting ready robe for the day... I mean come on... LOOK at those sleeves!! Makensy is an identical twin, and it was so sweet because her sister Madison actually got married a few months before she did (and one of my best friends shot her wedding)! Having her twin sister zip her up into her dress on her wedding day was a truly sweet moment to witness. Another sweet moment was the cheers that her bridesmaids gave her during that first look!! You've absolutely gotta have hype women on your wedding day. It's just essential! Her dad's first look came next and I'd be lying if I said I don't always tear up during these. It's the only thing I cried for on my own wedding day too. There's just something special about that dad and daughter relationship that warms your heart. And then came Zach. Makensy and Zach have this sweet, I'm obsessed with you, I'll do anything in the world for you kind of love, and you can see it in the way they interact with each other. During their first look they just stood there and hugged each other for minutes. It was like they just couldn't get enough! After a party with the girls, and some quick shots with the guys, it was time for their ceremony. I was able to witness a sweet time of prayer between Makensy and her bridesmaids. They laid hands on her, and covered her and Zach in prayer, blessing their marriage and the start of their life together. Their ceremony was nothing short of God-honoring. They exchanged sweet vows to one another, shared the gospel with their guests, and sealed it all with a kiss! Then came time to capture this couple and their very essence. This... was NOT a hard job. I told this couple at their engagement session that they were naturals, and they were just the same on their wedding day! It's when you're so in love that you don't even know that I'm there when the best pictures come out. I just love getting to capture love like that! After some couples portraits, we headed inside for intros and a sweet first dance to some good old Ben Rector. Annndddd a CHICK-FIL-A FOOD TRUCK FOR DINNER! We love the Lord's chicken! It was so sweet that the food truck had a sign on it saying "Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Brown!" It's the little details that just complete everything. You can't end dinner without some sweets right? They cut into a gorgeous 4-tier red velvet cake and OH BABY it was so good! Now, it's party time! Time to change into some Nike Dunks and get to dancing! Makensy, Zach and their people BROUGHT THE PARTY!! They had a blast on their dancefloor and even had those big foam glow sticks to enhance the party vibes! And that they did. The new Browns shared a last time together at the end of the night, and were sent off to their forever by their friends and family with sparklers! It was truly such a sweet day celebrating The Browns and I could not be more thankful to have been trusted to document it!

Makensy and Zach said "I do."

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